Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Forge, The Player's Handbook, and The Fridge

Welcome to Slice, Dice, and Dining, a guide to my three great passions in life: weaponry, gaming, and food (specifically the eating of it).
Every Monday I will post a new entry discussing a weapon, an aspect of gaming, and/or a specific dish which has caught my interest during the previous week. This week is all about beginnings.
The forge is probably my favorite image in the crafting of a blade, and while it is nothing without the smith, wheel, hammer, or anvil, it is a fascinating piece of industry.
The Player's Handbook is essential to any tabletop gamer who wants to build their first character much like the Worst Case Scenario books are to dealing with my friends.
The fridge is my all time second-favorite machine, second only to the stove, and with most food this is where we keep the ingredients before we get something tasty cooking.
So not a lot to chew on this week, but come on back next week when the first REAL post will be made for your literary enjoyment.

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